High Rise Window Cleaning

Why pay for expensive scaffolding? We offer efficient and affordable high rise window cleaning solutions using our professionally trained team of abseilers. 

Whether it's high rise window cleaning, water blasting or painting you need; we cater for all your high rise requirements. NZ Facilities team of abseilers have the skills, experience and equipment to service buildings of all sizes.  We offer safe, efficient and cost effective methods of carrying out the most difficult jobs in those hard to reach places.

Our team of abseilers are Level 3 IRANZ qualified to ensure your cleaning project runs smoothly and safely. We adhere to all local council health and safety requirements. Our team will provide an initial safety report before commencing the task, and will continue to report on health and safety matters for the duration of the project.

We offer a range of high rise window cleaning techniques which are personalised to your particular job. No job is too big or small.

We specialise in all facets of high rise commercial window cleaning...

  • Office blocks
  • Retail stores
  • Commercial / industrial buildings
  • Initial construction cleans
  • Hotels
  • Apartment blocks
  • Exterior and interior

High Rise window cleaning techniques include...

  • Mop and blade wash
  • Hose and broom wash
  • NZF staff are also trained to use all lifting equipment to access glass in situations where abseiling is not an option

To ensure you get the perfect clean every time, we use purified water in the cleaning process eliminating white residue and impurities caused by chemicals and minerals found in regular top water. Purified water combined with the use of biodegradable eco-friendly cleaning products ensures your windows are left with that crystal clear, glass finish every time.

In addition to providing an outstanding service for high rise window cleaning, we will also inspect those hard to reach places and report back on any possible areas that need work world including painting, weatherproofing and roof maintenance.